Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Cecilia!

Cecilia turned 13 on Jan. 7th. I know this is a little late, but oh well! A rule (for the girls) in our family is that you can not get your ears pierced until you turn 13 so I got mine pierced two years ago and Cecilia got hers pieced. She was incredibly nervous but at the same time excited.

Here are some pictures of her birthday party:

The dining room all decked out in pink:

Max, Rose, Cecilia and her best friend, Cara:

Joey loved the wrapping paper:

Blowing out 13 candles is a challenge!

Max declared right before the party that Cecilia and I were incredibly boring because now all we picked were colors for a birthday party theme. I found this very funny because for the month leading up to my 13th birthday Cecilia would say all the time how boring I would become the moment I turned 13. And then for the past two years she has called my boring and now it's her turn to be called boring. :P

We finished the party off with a very fun game of Deal or No Deal (just like the TV show) it is a pretty stupid game and wouldn't be nearly so fun except for the fact that we played it with partners since there were too many of us to play individually. This made the game so much more fun as our differnent personallities came out. For instance, Cecilia and her friend Cara were on a team together, Cecilia is a complete, extreme optimist and would want to pay money for a chance to win more money and Cara is literally the exact oppiset she is incredibly cautios and those two were continually doing "Rocks, Papers, Scissors" to see what they would choose to do. And then you had me and Grandma Anthony on a team together and instead of having oppiset personallities, we have almost identical, however this does not work out too well because both of us are stubborn and want our way. I'm willing to play with a little more risk then her and this resulted in some hilarious converstions! And my dad and his dad were on a team together and they were just being completly silly.

Anyway as you can see it was a great party! Happy Birthday Cecilia!



Ania said...

January 7th is a good day! (It's my B-day too). The cake looked so nice and yummy!

We had a January baby party at our house on Sat. the 8th to celebrate my, David's and Amy's husband Dustin's birthdays. We had fun playing some video games enjoying each other's company.

Too funny about "being boring". It is interesting how tastes change as you age. How does Cecilia like her ears being pierced?

Mary Kate said...

Happy late Birthday Ania! That sounds fun! We have been enjoying family wii challenges since Christmas when we got the Wii.

Cecilia happens to LOVE her ears being pierced and can't wait until she can take out the studs and put in dangling earrings. :)

~Mary Kate