Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fall = Best Season

Hey everyone!
I know its been awhile since I've put anything up - a month and a half - and I'm sorry. But once school started our life has been busy again! The last week of summer vacation was filled up with Hershey Park, John Paul's birthday, Ali and Greg's wedding and (for me) a retreat with my youth group. So I am giving you a few (sort of a few - more like a small bunch :D), pictures from the end of summer and the beginning of fall .
(Sadly I ran out of batteries at Greg and Ali's wedding so I don't really have any pictures of their wedding.)
(PS if you want the music off, or to change the song, halfway down on the right side board is the play list where you can control the music.)

These two pictures of the leaves are from our Japanese Maple in our front yard, the sky was literally that blue!

This is an older picture, (I took it last May), but I softened the whole thing and felt like posting it again: (It's from Longwood Gardens)
Sept. 25th was a bridal shower for a good friend. It was so beautiful.
This year Max started playing soccer. John Paul is also playing, however I have not had a chance to go to any of JP's games yet, and since I am the one with the nice camera, I only have pictures of Max playing soccer. (I will get John Paul at his next game.)
Max is the number 19 in the red penny:
He played goalie:
Stopping the ball: (That boy has some God-given talent when it comes to sports!)
My mom got a chocolate fountain for her birthday, we used a few days later:
The shocked, amazed faces they all put on. (Ben and Joe are the only ones not over exaggerating their wonder!)
And of course school means getting up before the sun which equals beautiful sunrises that I usually sleep through:
Another sunrise:We went to Longwood Gardens for my mom's birthday with Aunt Lorrie and Uncle Fred. This was the wonderful dessert at the restaurant:

And lastly, I mentioned at the beginning that I had gone on a retreat for youth group, and here are two pictures from it of me rock climbing:

And the second time I went up, I was blindfolded!
Another thing I am going to mention is I took engagement photos for my friends, Gina and Adam, (the girl whose bridal shower I mentioned above), anyway, here is my two favorite pictures from that:
Also I have a photography website which has all my best pictures in three portfolios: Nature, People, and Other (random pics). Here's the link:


Ania said...

Chris is thrilled that his Godson is playing his favorite sport! Thanks for sharing MaryKate!

Mary Kate said...

:) I think it's Max's favorite sport too, and Max is really good at it - way better then I was at his age.
Love you guys!

~Mary Kate